1,000 Fair Trade Towns - Join in!

April 3rd 2011

What’s happening?

At 2pm on Saturday 4 June 2011 Fair Trade Towns will declare sequentially from East to West across time zones to celebrate 1,000 Fair Trade Towns worldwide. If you are a Fair Trade Town or are likely to declare status between now and then you can be a part of this thrilling, milestone celebration event.

The following places will declare jointly as part of the 1,000th declarations, can you join them?

  • Whitehorse City, Australia
  • Kumamoto, Japan
  • Herne, Germany
  • Kontich, Belgium
  • Bilzen, Belgium
  • Delft, The Netherlands
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Witney, England
  • Rutherglen & Cambuslang, Scotland
  • Aberaeron, Wales
  • Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
  • Be a part of it

    Sign up to the policy statement below and add your own short message. As the joint declarations take place on 4 June, Fair Trade Town groups will also be able to upload a photograph showing the final sentence, ‘Make Trade Fair’ written or drawn in any imaginative way you choose. Upload your photo, and view others here. The policy statement, accompanying messages and photographs will be presented at the G20 Agricultural Ministerial meeting in Paris on 22 -23 June.

    If you are already a Fair Trade Town:

    • NOW - Sign up to the policy statement below and start preparing how you will write the ‘Make Trade Fair’ message and photograph it.
    • 27th May - Write your own Press Release using a template from your national coordinator, or this template: Template UK press release -
    • 3rd June - Send out your Press Release to local media.
    • 2pm local time on 4th June – Upload your photograph onto this website and celebrate!

    If you are not yet a Fair Trade Town but are soon to make an application:

    • NOW – Alert your national coordinator and then follow the instructions above

    Be a part of the 1000 Fair Trade Towns celebrations on Saturday 4th June.