We want to express our concern and solidarity


Our steering committee had just a meeting and discussed the global situation of the COVID - 19. We want to express our concern and solidarity with all the fair trade towns stakeholders, all over the world.

We are experiencing an international health crisis; which at the same time is becoming a global economic crisis that is already affecting our activity and will have a lasting impact on millions of people in all countries and all continents.

All together, producers, traders, distributors, civil society organizations or local authorities engaged in the promotion and the defense of the values of fair trade, we need to stick together and, as one, respond to ensure that our social mission continue beyond this crisis.

We invite all of you to share your opinions and experiences on how you are coping with this situation in your country and express ideas on what we need to do in the near future. Our email addresses, website and Facebook page will receive your life stories and ideas and we'll share them with all our fair trade family.

Stay safe, healthy and confident in our solidarity.