Ebolowa, Cameroon becomes Africa's 3rd Fair Trade Town


The board of the Urban Community of Ebolowa have announced a self-declaration to become the first Fair Trade City in Cameroon and only the 3rd in the whole African continent.

Self Declaration for Ebolowa City

Article 1 : The board of the Urban Community of Ebolowa at an extraordinary session of 16 October 2015 authorizes the Government Delegate to enter the town of Ebolowa in the global network of cities promoter of fair trade values under the label "Fair Trade Territory (TDCE) "

Article 2: The objectives of this commitment are:

- Educate, inform and embrace the idea of fair trade with the population, artisans and territory producer groups;

- Have at least one actor who produces and sells fair trade (local and / or export);

- Communicate around the territory of the initiatives on fair trade;

- Involve women and youth in the process and rely on their networks;

- Establish a multi-stakeholder group for animation and monitoring of Fair Trade activities;

- Organize events focused on fair trade.

Article 3: The town of Ebolowa may under this initiative benefit from sponsorship a city of the global network of Fair Trade Territories. A sponsorship agreement will be established for this purpose and subject to the approval of the governing body and guardianship.

Deliberation approved and signed by all 6 November 2015